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Beads are made using 100% food grade silicone that has been FDA approved. They are non-toxic and are free of any harmful chemicals, which means no BPA, lead, PVC or phthalates.

Do not put wood in the freezer and do not soak/submerge in water. It should be spot cleaned only. The Canadian Maple on these rattles has not been treated, but it has been smoothed and sanded and is ready to use. It is recommended that you treat the wood with any food grade oil (coconut, olive, beaswax) to prolong its life.

Although teethers have been made with love and care, adult supervision is required when in use. Wood is a natural item and should be handled carefully to prevent any damage. Natural wood can crack or break with forceful impact if it contains a knot or weakened area. Always inspect teethers before each use and if you notice a crack, do NOT give the item to a child.

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