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DEHV Candle Co.

'' My love for candles started at an oddly young age. I remember coming home from school as a child and the first thing I would do is grab some matches and make my way around the house to light all of my moms candles for the evening. The seasonal scents and the flickering glow, it’s what comforted me and still does.

With a lifelong interest in home and apothecary, I finally started pouring candles in 2016. Coming from 10+ years in the beauty industry where the new standard had become "Clean Beauty" I started to put everything else into question as well. Specifically my obsession: Candles. I was really interested in making high quality, sustainable, clean burning candles with a modern look and selection of scents that spoke to all.

When I began my company, working with fragrance often had me recollecting old memories:

Running barefoot through pine needle filled puddles after a Cape Cod rain.

Strolling through my grandfathers gardens snipping all of my favorite herbs.

Peeling oranges with my Nana and sprinkling them with cracked pepper..

This is my inspiration. DEHV is the initials of four very important people in my life: Domenic, Eleanor, Hagop, and Virginia- my grandparents. I wanted to create something that would be present when memories are being made because I believe there is no better feeling than scent triggering nostalgia or sparking great conversation.

Sometimes keeping it simple and sticking to your roots is more powerful than you think. My hope is that you connect with my brand and love my candles as much as I love creating them for you!''

Jade Eknaian, Founder

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